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Quick Post

Posted by – April 23, 2016

There is a new blog called “The Destinators” at It is about a couple of traveling minstrels.

Winnebago View

Might As Well Try…

Posted by – April 20, 2009

From The Dead – video clips (2009-04-19)

One more test

Posted by – November 17, 2008

This is one more test.

Boom (the movie)

Posted by – July 7, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Riding Bikes

Posted by – June 26, 2008

My camera does video. About time I figured it out.


Posted by – September 19, 2007

This post is a goofy thing from JibJab. More

Good Day

Posted by – October 25, 2006

This is a test post. Here is a photograph of a sailplane.

Capping the Silo

Posted by – August 28, 2006

Here is a 40-second YouTube video slideshow of a large crane putting the roof on the Claybrok silo at Sugarbush resort. More


Posted by – August 21, 2006

A quick video of my friend Gil More

Happy Mother’s Day

Posted by – May 14, 2006

Here is an excellent video. I moved it off of the main page because it sometimes takes too long to load, but it’s there if you click on the link: More